Shaking up suburbia with Hengrave

‘Hengrave’ is one of the beautiful homes hand-picked by our team to be exclusively represented by jj Locations. Striking a chord with the creative industry’s demand for visually arresting and bespoke modern properties, Hengrave introduces industrial elements such as poured concrete, substantial expanses of glass and edgy angles to a softer, domestic setting.

The property is located on a quiet street in suburban south east London, a few paces away from Honor Oak Overground station. From the front the house is like many ’30s/’40s builds propping up the sprawl of London. However, step inside and anyone with an eye for photography, or an appreciation of how to win at converting an ‘everyday’ home, will realise that this shoot location is special.

Dixcot: jj’s Arts & Crafts country residence… in London!

Exclusive to jj Locations, ‘Dixcot’, a substantial location house in London’s Streatham, is both a family home and a living example of the Arts and Crafts movement, a counter-movement of ideas and design that flourished in Britain from the 1880s to early 20th Century. Multi-talented artists and activists John Ruskin and William Morris were the figureheads of the movement that promoted the decorative arts and craftsmanship that many felt diminished by rapid urban expansion as the Industrial Revolution continued full steam ahead towards a new century.

Stay calm and book Northwood Pastels

Northwood Pastels is a unique location house in London’s Forest Hill and is one of the unique and inspiring properties available to book for shoots with jj Locations. Anyone with an eye for interior and fashion design will have noticed the re-emergence of dusky blues, pinks and other complimentary colours currently adorning shops, fashion shoots and blogs.

It seems that everywhere you turn odes to trusty, summery pastels for SS17 are springing up. Northwood Pastels is a versatile location, not only lending its support to this latest trend – providing backdrops to this season’s passion for butterflies, mixed patterns and retro floral design – but is also a seasoned provider of an almost beach-house style situation within the handy confines of the m25.

No More Booking or Delivery Fees


jj Media has grouped our departments together to bring you a more efficient cost base for your production. When taking jj equipment to any of our jj locations, we will waive the booking and delivery fees altogether. Between our amazing stock of locations, and inventory of equipment, we’ve got it covered.

Terms & Conditions apply 
– Delivery within the M25, any subsequent deliveries on the same job will be invoiced as normal. 
– Minimum kit order £300 per day
– Delivery/Collection between 8.30am-6.30pm – all others billed as normal.

jj Wimbourne introduces Grind Coffee  



An open apology to all my clients. I’m sorry we’ve been serving such average coffee for years – I put my hands up, it wasn’t cool – but we’ve done something about it. We’ve teamed up with the great guys at Grind, to bring freshly roasted beans to our studio complex Wimbourne House. Next time you are on site, be sure to try a coffee from our Espresso & Bar which opened this week. Our baristas are on hand to make a mean flat white!


Josh Jones CEO
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